Each week, students are to sign up for a lab session. These are 1-hour slots during which students get undivided access to a VR system so that they can experience assigned virtual reality artworks and games. During the session, students can choose which projects to focus on, but must try all projects assigned at least once. Although not graded, labs are mandatory and count towards course participation. Jas will be at all lab sessions, so feel free to chat about the project there, but we will be discussing all assigned media as a class too.

Media to be experienced are labeled as follows:

  • 👩🏻‍🔬 try in lab.
  • 🏡 try at home (usually Google Cardboard).
  • 🔁 can be played again outside of lab time (free on Steam, WebVR, Cardboard).


  • Feel free to bring a friend (or friends)! It helps observing how people engage with VR too.
  • Contact Jas if you must reschedule a lab session.
  • Use open lab session times as walk-in office hours.
  • Do not use someone else's reserved lab session time as office hours.